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Welcoming and orienting our guests thanks to the installation of totems and a new orientation map

Until this year, the Fondation le Camp did not have any welcome signs or a clear orientation plan for its guests.

A project had been in the pipeline for some time and was finally completed in May.

Three wooden and metal totems have been installed at various strategic points:

  • Two of them welcome our guests at the ends of the Camp: the first is on the left of the road coming from Vaumarcus, near the car park, and the second is below La Seyte, welcoming our customers arriving from the post bus stop.
  • The third totem pole is located between the main building and the Ancienne Poste. As well as greeting customers arriving from the car park, this totem also directs guests by displaying a map showing their location, the various buildings and the access routes they can take.

These new reception and information points add value to our customer service and should enhance the experience of our guests at the Camp!

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Welcoming and orienting our guests thanks to the installation of totems and a new orientation map…
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